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Hear Better
Communicate Easier
Live Fuller

Clients are reporting noticable improvements in sound quality and clarity with today's hearing aids because of improvements in digital technology.

When deciding on the style or level of technology we spend significant time counseling with the client in order to mutually choose an appropriate hearing aid, depending on many factors including:
      degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, patient budget  
manual dexterity, visual abilities, ease of use, and cosmetics.

Basic Standard Technology

- 3 automatic programs
-Semi-automatic volume control
-Basic level noise reduction system
-Basic level feedback suppression
-Adequate fitting flexibility (12 channels of adjustment)
-Optional 2-3 user-controlled programs or “memories”
-Wireless communication between hearing aids
-Binaural phone reception
-Optional wireless connectivity for cell-phone, TV, or remote microphone
-Automatic Directional Microphone
Appropriate for people who:
Lead a more sedentary lifestyle and have less need to hear and communicate with others in the presence of noise; those who face less demanding situations, such as interacting with children, friends, and family under fairly comfortable listening conditions.


Advanced Class

Includes features of the "basic" system plus:
-Advanced noise reduction system (automatically reduces amplification of steady-state or monotonous noise to improve listening comfort)
-Increased fitting flexibility to better match hearing loss characteristics  (16 channels of adjustment)
-Advanced level feedback suppression
-Improved speech understanding in quiet and noise with variable sound processing features
– 4 automatic programs
-3 user-controlled programs or memories
-Automatic Adaptive Directional Microphone
Appropriate for people who:
Are moderately active and who find themselves in a variety of listening environments and social situations that may be considered “somewhat-demanding”, such as lunch with a group of friends in a quiet restaurant or a sermon with coffee hour at church.


Best -Premium Class

Includes features of “Good” and “Better” system plus:
-More “intelligent” and effective noise reduction system
-Advanced simultaneous digital processing of directional microphones in both right & left instruments allowing choice of directionality in all directions: front, sides, or rear.
-Additional fitting flexibility to improve acoustic fit to hearing loss configuration (20 channels of adjustment)
-Additional variable sound processing features to react to different and more complex listening situations – 7 automatic programs
-At least 3 user-controlled programs or memories available
-Automatic Adaptive Directional Microphone using binaural input technology
-Attempting to provide optimal speech understanding in all listening situations with more automatic features, representing the current potential of hearing aid technology.
Appropriate for people who:
Lead active lifestyles in work or recreation, involving challenging listening situations.  For those in need of maximum hearing aid speech intelligibility and noise reduction; for highly active individuals who want to hear as well as possible in most all listening situations.